About Us

As the owner and the principal writer and editor of Iran Review, I have more than 40 years of  political  and  academic experience.  I have lived through the 1979 Iranian Revolution and been active in several Iranian and non-Iranian political organizations in North America and Europe for many years.  I have been studying  political science (undergraduate to Ph.D. level), researching , and teaching in Canada since 1990.

As a political scientist and instructor, I have  researched and taught  a variety of  university-level courses in such fields and sub-fields as International Relations, Political Economy , Iranian & Middle Eastern  History and Politics,  Histories & Politics of Islam, Comparative Politics, Human Rights  and Equity Studies, Law,  and Canadian Government and Politics.

As a research, I have been involved in many projects related to refugees and diaspora communities,  socio-political transformation in the Middle East, globalization,  and political economy. Furthermore, I have experience coordinating research projects and organizing conferences.

I will use my vast theoretical, political, research, and teaching  knowledge and experience to provide you with unbiased, factual,  critical, and sound understanding of  political developments in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries in the context of  global politics.